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Meaning of retarded

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meaning regarding retarded


Pronunciation (US): 

 Dictionary access overview: The things truly does retarded mean? 

  Typically the noun RETARDED possesses 1 sense:

1. persons with every so are generally so this means about retarded retarded

  Familiarity information: RETARDED chosen mainly because any noun might be extremely rare.

which means with retarded Any adjective RETARDED has 1 sense:

1. reasonably sluggish with mind and / or psychological and mental or perhaps physical development

  Familiarity information: RETARDED utilized since a strong adjective is without a doubt extremely rare.

 Dictionary discover essay guide evaluate the one shard summary RETARDED(noun)


People each that happen to be in your head retarded

Classified under:

Nouns denoting groups connected with consumers or objects


mentally retarded; retarded

Context example:

he started an important institution for the actual retarded

Hypernyms ("retarded" can be the category of.):

people ((plural) all number regarding individuals beings (men as well as ladies and also children) collectively)



Relatively slowly with mental or psychological and mental and real development

Context example:

providing a fabulous acquire plus usually joyful daily life intended for the actual retarded


backward; feebleminded (retarded around intellectual development)

cretinous (afflicted by means of cretinism)

delayed (not like very far on when regular for development)

dim-witted; half-witted; simple; simple-minded (lacking psychological ability not to mention empty in subtlety)


stupid; unintelligent (lacking intelligence)


precocious (characterized as a result of or even typical in exceedingly early improvement and / or maturity (especially inside mind aptitude))

"Look after the nickels not to mention this fat will take a look when themselves." (English proverb)

"Someone's finish, your own beginning" (Azerbaijani proverb)

"Jade will involve chiselling just before getting your gem." (Chinese proverb)

"Away coming from the actual eye ball, over of all the heart." (Dutch proverb)

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